Chen Family Gongfu is another way of saying "Chen-style taijiquan". The words "taiji / taichi / tai-chi" often come with preconceived ideas and images which are best left aside at first. Using the word "gongfu" lays emphasis on the learning process, based on diligence and leading to the acquisition of proper skills. Besides, our style is also called "taiji gongfu". Get started and see for yourself! It is a rich practice with a long tradition. Passed on within one family for twenty generations, it contains – as you can imagine – a wealth of knowledge.

"Taiji" is the highest principle in Chinese philsophy, i.e. the interplay of yin and yang: ☯. "Quan" means fist in Chinese and refer to martial/boxing arts in China. Thus one could say that Taijiquan is the boxing art of yin and yang. Applied to the human body in many ways, a simple concept like yin/yang will lead to complexity. Progressing through the art, gaining strength, insights and skills is a lifelong adventure with a clear progression blueprint and clear methods – walking the gongfu path means that you eventually need to work it out yourself: it's not just about imitating the teacher during class. If you wish to learn more about how we train and what we do, you can head over there.

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