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Company training

Don't believe the hype: no chair, however fancy it is, will save your back, only movement can!

It is nice to see companies offering their employees a way to keep a healthy life to balance out those long sitting hours. No one indeed should just sit 8 hours in front of a computer without using and oiling the great machine that is the human body. Movement is key!

Therefore I provide concepts and methods from our style to employees through mindful movements or postures. Such concepts can be usefully applied in daily life, on the workplace environment or in home office. These can range from fitness exercises to relaxing qigong and meditation, to partner exercises that foster team bonding. Stress reduction, awareness training, relief of back pain and headaches, body cultivation, confidence boost, etc. are some of the benefits every individual could experience - at the end of the line a company with well-balanced individuals can only function better. Such training can be done in the form of a weekly appointment or a workshop. Sounds like a plan? Get in touch if you think this is the way to go.