Taijiquan in Berlin and online

Chen Family Gongfu

You can book any class or a pass directly through Fitogram, a booking tool that only asks for a name and an email address. Alternatively you can contact me in advance and pay per Paypal or bank transfer.

Trial: 10€
Indoor Training (1 hour): 15€
Indoor Training Month: 50€
10-class Pass: 120€

Outdoor Training: 10€
Monthly Flat (Indoor+Outdoor): 60€

Taiji class at Caro

>>> NEW <<<

On October 26th a new Taiji class starts in Caro: indoor and Tuesdays at 6pm. A class traditionally includes a warm-up program, some awareness and movement training, qigong routines and the first form.
More on our training here.

Winter outdoor training

>>> NEW <<<
On Fridays in the morning (11-12am) there's an outdoor training that should last through the winter. Training will take place in Blankenstein Park (under the roofless hall). Training content remains traditional but might vary depending on weather (expect more warming-up exercises and intensive work on colder days!). Steady rain = training cancelled.