Taijiquan in Berlin and online

Chen Family Gongfu


"Taiji" is the highest principle in Chinese philsophy, the interplay of yin and yang, you can see its symbol on the top left corner of this page. "Quan" means fist in Chinese and many martial arts (boxing arts) in China are named quan. Thus one could say that taijiquan is the boxing art of yin and yang. A minimal starting concept can lead to complexity; this is the case with taijiquan which looks deceptively simple and easy. "Chen Family Gongfu" is another way of saying "Chen-style taijiquan" and I used it because the word "taiji" often comes with many preconceived ideas and images which are best left aside. I invite you to come to a training and see for yourself how this authentic tradition feels. If you wish to learn more about how we train, you can head over there.

You can see the general schedule below. There are classes for adults (indoor and outdoor or online) and for kids. Kungfu for kids is not included in the general schedule

And hereunder you can have a look at our first form, which one learns from the beginning, along with many other exercises. I hope to have the chance of meeting you soon or to connect through Facebook or Instagram