Taijiquan in Berlin and online

Chen Family Gongfu

Personal training

You may choose individual training for different motives: you want to learn taiji but you are not available at the usual hours, you prefer to not learn within a group, you want to take care of a chronic pain and wonder if you cannot learn to prevent it through movement awareness, or you want to make fast progress in a very focused way with immediate feedback and personal guidance...

I give private lessons and personal training sessions in English, German, French or Italian. This can be done in-person, online or in a hybrid kind of way.

The base price is 80€/h (60€ if online). If money is a problem, you can contact me and ask for a price reduction, we'll find a solution. You can also book a private session by paying directly via Paypal. Please contact me beforehand in order to discuss availabilities, your goals and training content.


A more regular coaching can be agreed upon for people seriously committed to the practice. Such coaching, if not in-person, may or may not include video calls, recordings, annotated screenshots or videos, so that the student can deepen his/her skills and practice.
Here more than ever, it is necessary to contact me beforehand so that we can discuss time allotment and coaching strategy, along with your prior experience and your goals.