Taijiquan in Berlin and online

Chen Family Gongfu

Learning Online

2020 has been for many teachers the year of online teaching. Many were skeptical at the beginning, some are still skeptical today but for most it was a discovery. At CTND we began teaching online as soon as indoor teaching was not allowed anymore, that is around March 2020, and we opened the courses to all CTND-affiliated schools including those not in Germany, and soon to anyone interested in our taiji style. Thus we reached new people who could not have trained the style elsewhere – and we could see students making good progress throughout the whole year only with our online classes and autonomous training at home. In some cases it definitely exceeded our expectations.

In an ideal world, learning taiji should be done in-person. However, serious Chen-style taijiquan courses are not available in every town. Therefore, in our slightly less than ideal world, we promote online learning because it works. At some point, in-person learning is inevitable, but a hybrid context, mixing online and offline lessons, can bring awesome results.

My fellow CTND trainers and I are regularly teaching online classes in English at our CTN Academy, please check the schedule. I regularly give classes in French: for more information, please switch to the French version of the site. You can also contact me should you have any question.