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Antoine Richard

Unlike many practitioners, my path in martial arts looks like a pretty simple story: I chose one art (Chen-style taijiquan) and diligently stuck to it - not by lack of curiosity, quite the contrary: year after year the discipline proves to be an endless source of insights on many levels.

I started for two reasons: 1) to understand how ancient Chinese philosophy can be incorporated and applied in a fighting method, and 2) because I was eager to learn some self-defense without going head-first into fighting madness. In 2011 I dived into the Chen Yu method with one of his direct disciple, Nabil Ranné. I have been training ever since.

Because Chen-style taijiquan has many facets and because all facets complement each other, this gongfu is the only “sport activity” that could permanently captivate me. Curiosity can be fed forever. The constant refinement of the body awareness, the work on the architecture of one's own body, the development of fighting skills, the concentration and the sustained, patient learning of body mechanics: everything here “condenses” one's own presence.

Born in France and living in Berlin since 2008, I am a CTND-certified course instructor. As part of the CTND training staff, I teach two weekly classes at CTND Berlin.

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